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PICList Thread
'PICLIST: should it be splitted? [OT]'
1997\11\25@051827 by Mike Smith

-----Original Message-----
From: Steve Baldwin <spam_OUTstevebTakeThisOuTspamKCBBS.GEN.NZ>
Date: Wednesday, 19 November 1997 12:50
Subject: Re: PICLIST: should it be splitted?

>One way to halve the volume of messages to the list would be to kill this
>Re: Binaries. - Somebody posted a binary. Oops !
>That person isn't likely to do it again and anyone else might like to post
>a message asking if someone with better facilities would mind helping to
>distribute it.

Not unless they enjoy the smell of their own flesh being flame-grilled :)

>Re: OT subjects.
>This is a list dedicated to a particular type of microcontroller.
>Microcontrollers get used in all sorts of situations. If we weren't
>interested in interacting with the real world, we'd be writing Windows
>software. IMHO, if it bolts onto a PIC it's on topic.

Hey!  Some of us do both!  Programming in Windows makes you yearn for the
clean simplicity of straight C coding though.  (along the lines of "without
light, their would be no dark")

>BTW. In 7 years on the net, this is the first list I've seen with the [OT]
>convention. Damn good idea.

Yes it is - but my question ATM is WT* isn't this thread marked [OT] ?
<goes and marks it>


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