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PICList Thread
'PICLIST: Embedded Engineering (was should it be sp'
1997\11\19@101205 by Scott Walsh

    Look Guys,

    The PICLIST is one of the most valuable resources about embedded
    programming and harwdare there is. In fact I will own up now and say
    that I have never used a PIC in my life, I stumbled across the PICLIST
    while evaluating the PIC's for the project I am currently working on,
    I didnt use the PIC, but I certainly stayed on the list.

    The level of conversation on the PICLIST highlights that most of the
    time the problem with getting embedded firmware working is not the
    processor itself but the understanding of the application that the
    firmware is being put into. e.g. I am currently having to build a
    battery charger into a product, I posted a message to the PICLIST and
    a number of people, Tjart et al, responded and have told me some of
    the pro's and con's involved, probably saving me weeks of headaches in
    the process.

    This is where the PICLIST wins every time over lets say the USENET
    newsgroups ... where would you say I should have asked my query about
    the battery charger, comp.arch.embedded, or sci.electronics?


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Subject: Re: PICLIST: should it be splitted?
Author:  pic microcontroller discussion list <spam_OUTPICLISTTakeThisOuTspamMITVMA.MIT.EDU> at
Date:    19/11/97 09:09

I vote for NO.

I don't believe anyone will benefit from splitting the list,
although categories not specified yet. It will turn the list into
that of motorola's, not many audience.

If we have sources and app. sublists as suggested, many people will
subscribe to both. For most only difference will be that some
messages posted twice increasing the incoming mail.

IMHO, this will not help to get rid off  [OT] which I find useful
myself. Unsubscribe email requests will still be there. For beginners
repeating same questions, if you have a newbee list not many people
will listen it and it may shortly become useless and die out. Then we
may see the same newbee questions distributed into multiple pic

I think we may worsen the case by splitting the list.


PS: I see that there many PIC FAQs around. Is it possible to have
single unified official :) PIC FAQ residing on a web page and pointed
out regularly on the list for newcomers, including the etiquette, do's
and don'ts?

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