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PICList Thread
'PICBASIC-L MP3 harware player'
1999\03\11@185451 by ryan pogge

OK first of all Im posting this to the whole list beacause
many people find
this project interesting from the amount of mail I have
about it in the last few hours =)

maybee its pointless to reinvent the wheel, it looks like 2
people have already done it
just not with a PIC!!!!!  any comments on this???
well at very least this will give people some information on
the subject.

AVR is an ATMEL FLASH micro controller.
I would *like to use a PIC16C65A or something similar if
possible though.
just beacause I have the development tools.  It looks like
the Hitachi uC is
the choice processor for some reason though.

here are some MP3 links

general MP3 hardware chip info:

similar project uses the MAS3507D

file downloads for the above site:

another similar project useing the MAS3507D

makers of the DSP chip:

link to chip info on above site:

mp3 general site:

harware section of

a nice car MP3 player(although i think it uses a small
biscut PC)

>Sounds interesting.
>Where do i get info on the DSP chip?
>What is AVR?
>Dave Saum
>ryan pogge wrote:
>> Is anyone interested in working with me to design a
>> MP3
>> Player based on the MAS3507D MPEG-1/2 Layer 2/3 DSP chip
>> I will use A pic to control it (I2C), and it will get its
>> data from a
>> ATA/ATAPI device (hard disk).
>> I have some info/schematics/source to other peoples
>> projects
>> but they used AVR's... but it is good reference.
>> the reason I posted to the stamp list also is that I may
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