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'PICALL Programmer Kit 117'
1998\12\24@000456 by poida

A kit of parts plus the firmware for the PICALL programming software of
Bojan Dobaj is now available from  or

Read the documentation (pdf) at   Don also has the
same information on his site.

$US85 covers airmail, registered postage to anywhere. Nothing else to
pay. Software all included. Nothing to register. Both don and myself
have secure sites to easily pay by credit card.

The software is able to be expanded as new PICs come out.

The firmware does NOT need constant upgrading.

There is only one on-board ZIF socket (not 2 or 3 different sizes!). The
software automatically shows you where to place the PIC to be programmed
within the 40-pin ZIF.

A 40-pin, wide-slot ZIF socket is not supplied with the kit because
1. you may have one already, and
2. they are produced in north america while the kits are produced in
Hong Kong

peter crowcroft

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