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'PIC17C766 Mayday....mayday (us not uS, ms not mS e'
2000\05\23@051918 by David Thompson

Hi there,

Will you guys please do me a favour and stop using an upper case S for

It's a standard, guys. "S" is Siemens, "s" is seconds.

ns = nanosecond
us = microsecond
ms = millisecond
s  = second
bps = bits per second

I know, it's not a biggie, and call me picky if you like, but let's try and
get the really basic technical terms right ok?.


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2000\05\23@183800 by Russell McMahon

picon face
Dear picky if you like,

while on the subject of units you could perhaps have dealt with

- kB / KB
- mS / ms / Ms / mS
- pH, PhD, pHd, PHd, ... :-)

R :-) M


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