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'PIC17C44 Start-up info.'
1999\01\26@124436 by Steven Kosmerchock

I'm finally getting
around to using the 17C44, and I can't seem to get them to work. I know the hard
is correct, but the software is where I'm unsure of myself. All I wanted to do
was to
blink a few LED's just to let me know it was working. Could you please check it
and let me know you're opinion. Also, if I put the watchdog timer to the "TMR" c
bit, do I have to clear anything? Here's the code (appreciate any comments):

;OSC=EC (4MHz TTL Canned Clock)
          list              p=17c44
          radix           hex
w        equ             0
f          equ             1
indf0   equ            0x00
fsr0     equ            0x01
fsr1     equ            0x09
wreg   equ            0x0a
bsr      equ            0x0f
porta   equ            0x10
ddrb    equ            0x11
portb   equ            0x12
ncount equ           0x21
mcount equ          0x22
            org          0x000
            clrf           portb
            movlb      0
            clrf           portb
            movlw      b'00000000'
            movwf      ddrb
loop      movlw      b'10100110'
            movwf      portb
            call           pause
            clrf            portb
            call           pause
            goto         loop
pause   movlw       0xff
            movwf       mcount
loadn    movlw       0xff
            movwf       ncount
decn     decfsz       ncount,f
            goto          decn
            decfsz       mcount,f
            goto          loadn

The only thing that happens is all 8 LED's I have connected to PORTB
light up (barely). I would appreciate any info you could give me. Thanks.

Best regards,

Steven Kosmerchock
Engineering Technician/Student
Phoenix   Az   USA

1999\01\26@131407 by Jim Robertson

At 10:33 26/01/99 -0700, you wrote:

> Also, if I put the watchdog timer to the "TMR" config
>bit, do I have to clear anything?

No, this is the same as turning it OFF.

Here's the code (appreciate any comments):

_Off hand_ the code looks ok (it is 5:15AM though) The flash rate will be
about 5Hz so you better look closely for the blinking.  A few more Hz and
the led will appear on all the time. I'm not sure exactly of the typical
rate the human eye can perceive but I know it is not very high at all.

Why not put a few nop's in the inner delay loop to be sure?


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Jim Robertson

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