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'PIC17C42A Disassembler code'
2000\04\18@222608 by Kevin Angell

I am writing a report for school.  I have a HEX file which I need to convert
to the mnemonic code for the PIC17C42A microprocessor, such that it can be
edited and customized.  I need the code such that I can explain it in my
report.  Any ideas as to where I can a program to do this?? Thanx!

Kevin Angell
CONA St. John's, NF, Canada
Consolidated Technologies LTD
check us out at

2000\04\21@151237 by Kevin Angell

I posted a message similar to this earlier.  I am new to this sort of thing
and I am not sure if I am doing things right, so I don't mind criticism
(constructive).  Thanks for the previous replies, but it is not exactly what
I was looking for.  I need code for a program which will convert HEX code
(say read from a PIC) to the mnemonic language for the PIC17C42A
microcontroller.  I need the code such that I can customize it.  I am simply
a college student who was introduced to the PIC while on a workterm and was
impressed, this list is fascinating!!  Any advice would be greatly
appreciated.  Thanks.
Kevin Angell,
Electronics Engineering Technologist
CONA St. John's, NF, Canada
Consolidated Technologies LTD
check us out at:

2000\04\21@155205 by Arthur

This is reversed enginnering or you may have a code protected chip or is it
that the asm code you are getting after using the hex2asm program you used.
generates code that you a beginner find very hard to under stand.
The best bet is to ask for the asm list of the programer who wrote the code
you wish to look at.
Failing that you need to generate you own code or follow a project from the
net. there is lots code for all levels of user try that..


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