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'PIC16c84 programming problems -Reply'
1996\10\10@103231 by Mark Jurras

Nice Thread :^) Ah the world is full of nay sayers. You may have a nice
niche product here. The MAC and NT users may have a solution. Good Luck!

What platform BeOS designed for and what are its attributes?

- -Mark

>>> David Negro <spam_OUTdln2TakeThisOuTspamCORNELL.EDU> 9 October 1996  1:33 pm >>>
>Why not change platforms?  He who fears change, fears progress.
>Besides I'm sure whatever you got for the IBM would be much easier to use
>than anything you could write yourself, and it would be updated by the
>companies without you haveing to constantly re-write it.
>Buy a IBM.

First off I would like to apologize for having started all this, although
it was not my intention.

Secondly,  I am familiar with many operating systems including MacOS,Un*x,
Linux, OpenWin, MS Windows, DOS, and have even had a chance to play with
the new up and coming BeOS (Way COOL!!)  The problem here is not the
disinterest in changing systems, but rather the resources.  I am a college
student, on a college budget.  Not only do I not want to buy another
computer at this point, but I do not want to transport it in the few moves
that I have left.

Thirdly, I don't do projects because they are easy.  I do projects because
they interest me and I think that I will learn something from them.  Yes it
would be easier to go out an buy a PC and a programmer, but what have I
gained in terms of knowledge from it?  Nothing really.  I would then be
limited to that platform and that programmer.  By doing it myself, I get a
better understanding of the PIC programming process as well as a better
understanding of PICs in general.  If I had a project for PICs already
lined up, and I was in a time crunch, and I had the resources (cash), I
would have no difficulty in changing systems.  As is, making a programmer
is a project of it's own, keeps me busy and keeps the noodle working.

So if you want to go the easy way, follow OTHER people's footsteps, then be
my guest.  Personally, when the resources are not available, I like to fill
in the gaps myself.  You can't always rely on other people and need to be
able to do things for yourself!

Lastly, Thank you to the people that did respond to my main question about
the programming problem.  I have not had time to look into the problem
further, but will get to that shortly.  Thanks.

-Dave Negro

P.S. - Also remember that I using a Motorola 68HC11 microcontroller as the
base for my programmer.  When I work out the last of my bugs, anyone with a
rs232 terminal will be able to use my programming setup.   People should
not be stuck to any one computer because I will have to agree that each
computer has its advantages and disadvantages.

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