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'PIC16C84-based talking repeater controller project'
1997\01\14@210303 by Jeff Otterson/N1KDO

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 I have had a construction article published in the February 1997 QST
magazine that describes a PIC16C84-based repeater controller for amateur
radio repeaters.  The project features: 4 stored voice messages and CW for
IDs and controller responses, DTMF remote control, polite IDer, etc.  It
does not have a telephone autopatch or any remote base capability.  It is
intended for repeater applications where those functions are not needed.
The source code, object code, and schematics are all available for
unlimited use by amateurs worldwide in their personally owned or club owned
repeater systems.  All commercial rights are retained by me.  Consult the
article in the February 1997 QST magazine, or see
Jeff Otterson
Maker and user of tools
PGP key available at

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