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'PIC16C84 with TAIT Universal Programmer'
1998\12\08@004217 by Vu Hoang

Has anyone gotten the PIC16C84 to work with Tait's Universal Programmer?

1998\12\08@131033 by Vance Gloster

I have the DonTronics DT001 programmer, which is based on the David Tait
design (the programming hardware is identical from what I understand).  I
have programmed the PIC16C84 dozens of times with no problems other than
the bugs lurking in my code.  The programmer works great!

I am using Nigel Goodwin's programming software which works flawlessly for
the PIC16C84, and it is said to work fine for the PIC16F84.  I see him
posting occasionally to this list.  His help file recommends that you check
out the web site but you can find him at  If you are in the US the fastest
turnaround to buy DonTronics stuff is to get it from as
Don is located in Australia and is taking a month's vacation besides.

Vance Gloster            When a truth becomes a fact it loses all                    intellectual value. -Oscar Wilde

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From: Vu Hoang <>
Date: Monday, December 07, 1998 9:42 PM
Subject: PIC16C84 with TAIT Universal Programmer

>Has anyone gotten the PIC16C84 to work with Tait's Universal Programmer?

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