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'PIC16C74A to AD7869 (14-bit a/d, d/a system)'
2000\03\31@195850 by Mimi Mar

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I've inherited a project using a 16C74A.  I need to
use a DAC to output an analog voltage to an oxygen
sensor.  In any event, we're using a Analog Devices
14-bit I/O system (AD7869).

We're currently using the SCL/SDA pins for I2C
communications with a 24LC16, which works fine.
I also am using a RS232 interface, which employs a
VB app I programmed with a MAX232 chip to the PIC,
which also works great.

So my problem is I cannot get the AD7869 going.
I will use both the ADC and DAC, but am first trying
to get the DAC working.  I'm using the RB6 for serial
clock and RB7 for serial data.  I believe I'm sending
the correct timing signals and streams of bits for DAC
latch uptake/conversion.

I would appreciate *ANY* insight into this situation.
I am unable to change out the AD7869, i.e. I'm
required to use it.

Please respond by email:

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