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'PIC16C71A (was PICs available (was 16C63?))'
1995\11\22@164243 by BBoles

    I cannot answer for price because I'm not a marketing type of guy.
    (Probably same or slightly cheaper)

    However, from the technical side, the 16C71A will have essentially the
    same specifications as the 16C71 with the exception that the RAM is
    increased from 36 to 68 bytes.

    It should be sampling soon.

    Rgds, Brian.

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Subject: Re: PICs available (was 16C63?)
Author:  ken hewitt <> at Internet_Exchange
Date:    11/22/95 4:25 PM

Can anyone tell me more about the 16C71A, I have been on to my supplier, and it
is not on thier list of Micro Chip parts.

I am using the 71 in a project at the moment and would be keen to use the 71A
if it is cheaper part.

|   ken hewitt                |   Email   |

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