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'PIC16C505 weird programming problem'
1999\11\24@042832 by Dr. Imre Bartfai

Hi Bojan,

I have written you due to the programming problem of 16C505. As all other
PIC programmed fairly, I did not care. However, I wanted then to try the
new flash devices, and the surprise came again: 16F876 ran, and 16F877
not, even 2 different samples. A test with PICStart+ had shown both chips
are o.k.

Then, I began to work in a systematic way and found the solution:
the pull-up resistor of RB6 should be replaced by 1kOhm instead of 10kOhm.
(The background of the story: as I built the programmer, it was VERY
unstable. With experiments I have installed finally 2 x 330 pF capacitors
for RB6 and RB7 respectively, and then it worked until that problem of
16C505 arose.) I use a 7407 (not LS) driver.

Now, it seems to be fine again, and does program all of PICs it promises,
and on all of PCs I have access to.

Thank you again and please do not end up supporting DOS!



On Tue, 28 Sep 1999, Bojan Dobaj wrote:

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