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'PIC temperature sensor'
1999\10\09@012322 by Russell McMahon

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From: Octavio Nogueira <spam_OUTnogueiraTakeThisOuTspamAJATO.COM.BR>
>I'm developing a temperature controller with two sensors,
>- I though of using  ....
>Any other though?
>The range is from 50F to 150F and need to be cheap.

A cheap and "good" accuracy temperature sensor can be made at moderately low
cost if you are prepared to allocate an analog input and a control pin.
OR you could use it to drive a VCO and then use a digital ionput pin to read

The voltage drop across a diode is related to its absolute temperature.
A calibration factor is involved.


The difference in voltage drop across a diode at two known currents is also
related to temperature and is independent of anything except the physical
properties of the junction (ie - all silicon diodes give the same result). A
practical circuit will involve a switchable current source and an amplifier.
A quad package of low cost 324 opamps would very probably suffice for all
the active electronics.

I don't have a practical circuit to hand but various magazines have done
devices based on this principal or you could derive it directly. Many
libraries have collections of circuits in book form and these are nearly
certain to include a practical circuit.

I'm probably going to be doing something based on this in the next few
months but not just yet.

     Russell McMahon

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1999\10\09@100850 by admins

Try the DalSemi 1-wire systems ( they can be handled
with a single pin. I have some that are programmed via the 1-wire to
turn on and off a pin when the temp violates my limits (thermostat mode)
Russell McMahon wrote:
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