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'PIC support components'
1995\08\09@223332 by Jeff Fisher

This week I will finally order a Picstart 16C kit from DigiKey to get
started with PICs.  Do PICs need external components for thier crystals?
Also, if you run a PIC at 20 MHz, will a 3 layer PCB with a ground plane be

Also, what chips does the PICSTART 16C kit come with?

Jeff Fisher

1995\08\10@005348 by Brian Read

The PIC will require the xtal and two caps for the osc.
You will also need some bypass caps of .01 to .01 uf.
A standard PCB should be fine with good layout practices,
a 3 layer PCB is uncommon, usually 4 layers is the next
step up. All of the 16C kits I have seen, four, and all
of the ones handed out at seminars have only a single
16C64 in them. For the beginner, if you don't need 40 pin
PICs, the 16B is a better deal. More parts of different
flavors, a 54, 57, and a 71.

Happy PICing,

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