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'PIC subs library'
1998\12\15@122745 by Eduardo R.

Hi wise guys

I am starting my own subroutines library and saving them on floppies(MPLAB
editor).   Does  it make any difference the kind of extension that I use
when saving them. It could be .inc or .asm or plain text but I am looking
forward to call them from my programs using #include <a:\xxxxx.yy>
directive, is there any better  or right way to do this ? I just found this
an easy way, but I am not sure if this can cause any trouble later when my
library becomes huge.

thank you for teaching.

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1998\12\15@212858 by James Cameron

I would stick to .INC for files that do not form a mainline or object
module on their own when assembled.

.INC files are files that must be included.
.ASM files can be assembled.

The extension used should match the usage.

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