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'PIC programmers correction.'
1999\01\06@021918 by Don McKenzie

Just to correct the figure of $25USD quoted for the P16PRO software
Yes it has changed recently. It is now distributed via email and is
$20USD for the software key.

P16PRO Software Registration:
You can Register P16PRO PICmicro software at DonTronics "on-line", using
our web based secure Credit Card system for $20USD. The P16PRO software
will work under DOS, W3.1 or W9x.
This software will allow you to use most "David Tait" variant
programmers to program a very large number of PICmicro devices via the
Parallel Printer Port of a PC. Follow the registration link to read the
full story.

This figure of $20USD is now quoted on the home page and
will be corrected on Bojan's page at:
in the next few days.

If you are programming a PIC16F84 or C84, then free software drivers are
available from:
These work with DOS, W9x, and NT.

Don McKenzie

Don's Download Dungeon:
Australian Electronics Ring

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