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'PIC leakage current question'
1994\10\12@180708 by crocontroller discussion list

I've been considering using the PIC for a high-volume application (in
portable computing) which requires low input leakage current.

The input leakage current on PIC i/o ports is spec'ed at +/- 1 uA max
(typical .5 uA). However, I've made measurements (@ 25 degrees C) and they
show the leakage to be less than 10 fempto amps (yes, *fempto* amps).

Heating the PIC (with a heat shrink gun) did not measurably increase the
leakage current.

Does anyone know why they are spec'ed at such a high leakage? Do occasional
batches have a higher leakage? Do only certain environmental extremes cause
high leakage current?

Joe Betts

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