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'PIC and delta modulation'
1999\04\14@210919 by Onil Germain

Hello Harold, I maked one few year ago, for an identifier of a ham radio
(before the ISD chip come on). I maked it with two variable slope  delta
3418 motorola. You must first convert you message in a ram chip with the
sampling of your choice and transfert the content in a rom. I remember the
use of a low pass filter
Mf4 National Semiconductor and to replay a message you just have to select
the portion of your eprom and count up. For less space VSDL must use all of
the bit of your ram.
If you want more detail replay me in private.

Harold Hallikainen wrote:

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1999\04\14@213002 by Steve Ridley

Hi John

I am interested in this idea if I can get a digital answering machine for
$US25 or there abouts. Can you tell where to look ? I have a project similar
to an answering machine that I would like to make about 20 of for family and
friends and I have been looking for exactly this sort of solution for the


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1999\04\15@113157 by Harold Hallikainen

picon face
       I got a real nice sounding digital answering machine made by
Lucent (I think) at Staples, an office supply chain.


Harold Hallikainen
Hallikainen & Friends, Inc.
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On Thu, 15 Apr 1999 11:07:19 +1000 Steve Ridley
<steverspamKILLspamNSW.UNILINK.OZ.AU> writes:
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