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'PIC Serial Monitor with Symbols'
1999\02\26@141844 by Ralph Stickley

Here is a cute little program which might help for serial comms and PIC
chip debugging. At

look for

PIC_HEX.exe reads an MPLINK file and displays the on-chip variable names
and their current value .  Variables can be sorted by address or by
name. A hex dump of each ram bank is also displayed.  The PIC must have
serial port code to transmit the contents of a requested data value.
(The trivial serial port code for a 16c74 is also listed below.)

I've been wanting to do  this for a while, but never got around to
digging up the serial routines for the PC.  Thanks to Tom Handley's post
(2/24/99), I didn't have any more excuses, so I just went ahead and
wrote the program. I built on those routines and some others I had
laying around to create this monitor...just returning the favor!

It was a fun program to write, but, of course, it could
probably be upgraded for more useful operation.  Any suggestions?
Data logging to disk ?  Modify on-chip data ? Hmmmmm....

I've only tested it on one map file, one pc, and one PIC, your mileage
may vary!


The simple serial code looks like this:
CommsRxSI:                   ; void CommsRxSI( void )
;                            ; {
       banksel FSR_temp     ;    // MONITOR Reporter! \\
       movfw   FSR          ;
       movwf   FSR_temp     ;       push( FSR );
;                            ;
       banksel RCREG        ;    // read Rx register
       movfw   RCREG        ;
;                            ;
       movwf   FSR          ;       wTemp = *RCREG;
       movfw   INDF         ;
;                            ;    // transmit contents of
       banksel TXREG        ;       TxREG = wTemp;
       movwf   TXREG        ;
;                            ;
       banksel FSR_temp     ;
       movfw   FSR_temp     ;  pop( FSR );
       movwf   FSR          ;
;                            ;
       ReturnInt            ;
;                            ;

'PIC Serial Monitor with Symbols'
1999\03\01@174257 by Ralph Stickley
Oops, for all those who asked:  This does includes the source code!

The BC3.1 source is in C and the PIC code is in MPLAB asm code.

Let me know what you think!

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Ralph Stickley wrote:
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