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'PIC Programming, Internet Access'
1995\11\22@175911 by Robin Abbott

I know this is going beyond the interest of the PICLIST, but I felt the
following comment couldn't go without an answer:

>Without putting to fine a point on it joel, if the technology company you
>are working for is this restrictive about access to the worlds biggest
>information repository (I speak of the web), then you should be looking
>at joining another company!!;-)

The company I work for is very restrictive, i.e. we have only two terminals
for internet access for 2000 employees despite a site wide network. It is
a world wide known electronics manufacturer, but has good reasons for
restricting access:

1) We are continuously bidding for contracts worth from millions to (in some
cases) thousands of millions of dollars. You have to TRUST firewalls to
risk that kind of money, and secondly there is always the risk of
disgruntled (or bribed) employees posting design documentation out of
the company.

2) A separate division of the company allowed full internet access and
discovered some of its employees spending as much as 10% of their time
wondering the net - somewhat of a productivity drop !


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