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PICList Thread
'PIC Programmer and Kits'
1998\10\13@003039 by Peter Crowcroft

1. PIC PROGRAMMER. Kit of parts and single sided PCB for the proven P16PRO
software of Bojan Dobaj available at

Programs all serial programmed 8 18 28 & 40 pin PICs. See photo (tks James
Cameron) and download pdf documentation from my website. Can take
individual IC sockets or a (user supplied) 40 pin wide-slot ZIF for
maximum flexibility. (Tks also to David Reinagel for testing.)

Kit 96. Price $US25 includes postage & my bank charges. Just send your
local $US check or equivalent cheque from other countries.

2. INTRODUCTION TO PIC's. Excellent entry point for beginners into PIC's.
Programmer for 16F84 plus lots of documentation. Docs may be d/l for
free from my website. All components supplied including components for
your first flashing LED program. Comes with its own assembler &
programmer so there are no other options to confuse beginners.

Kit 81. Price $US35 includes postage and all charges.

3.  TWO KITS with fully annotated software available. Kit 69 is a single
LED dice. Kit 71 is a double LED dice. Kit includes all components.
Software available for free downloading from my website.

Kit 69 $US23 all inclusive.

Kit 71 $US28  all inclusive.

4. A PIC programmer similar to Kit96 but just for 8 and 18 pin serially
programmed PIC's will be available end november.

regards,  Peter

Peter J. Crowcroft     DIY ELECTRONICS (HK) Ltd
PO Box 88458,   Sham Shui Po,  Hong Kong
Voice: 852-2720 0255      Fax: 852-2725 0610
        ICQ #2064 4080

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