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PICList Thread
'PIC List Anti-Spam suggestion'
1998\06\03@041842 by Russell McMahon

picon face
Just a thought which would keep out any spam I have seen
here so far.

What if the list was filtered so that ONLY entries with
"PIC" somewhere in the title (or even in the contents were
redistributed (in the contents this would probably have to
filter on "PIC" as an isolated word to avoid eg topic,
picture, epicure (haven't seen too many of them in spam),
etpic ...).

This would be a little hard on the uninitiated but an
occasional message re etiquette (plus of course appropriate
instructions in the file you receive when you join) would
largely (:-)) cater for this.

Even (OT) entries would need this addition.

IF a spammer took the time to read the information on the
list this mechanism would be easily overcome - I suspect the
vast majority are much too keen on getting rich quick(ly)
and annoying as many people as possible to actually look at
the areas they send their junk to.

1998\06\03@051142 by Andres j Ogayar

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De: Russell McMahon <spam_OUTapptechTakeThisOuTspamCLEAR.NET.NZ>
Fecha: miircoles 3 de junio de 1998 10:30
Asunto: PIC List Anti-Spam suggestion

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I strongly agree with the idea that this will not stop an spammer.

   What about letting only members to post, and also, as the list server
making a ckeck of 'real addresses' (i.e., once sent the suscription message,
having to send a confirmation to the suscription in response to list server

   This has been implemented in may lists I know of, and, while this
mechanism is not perfect (no one is, even 128 bit key), it works good and
limits the spam to a comfortable minimun.

Andres j. Ogayar
Sunny Malaga ("Costa del Sol")

1998\06\03@051805 by Bill Rininger

How about the only messages from list members can be posted.  Put some kind
of filter on the reciever and just pitch those that are not from members of
the list.


{Original Message removed}

1998\06\03@074459 by Keith Howell

Bill Rininger wrote:
> How about the only messages from list members can be posted.  Excellent idea!

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