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PICList Thread
'PIC Education'
1995\02\06@175437 by Arley Carter


I have an idea for improving the quality of the PIC List and would like
to hear what other PIC members think of it.

There seems to be a recurrent theme through out most PIC mail.  Its either
how do you......? Or this is an interesting app or I don't know how to
do it..........

Idea:  Put together on-line courses in PICS and offer it to PIC members.
Course could range from: "These PICS look slick.  how do you make them do
something. I don't know any Assembler" to "Course with hands on to design
a PIC to measure airspeed in an aircraft" I fall closer to the first
category.  I have zero practical experience with PICS.  I came across
PICS through my association with RC aircraft.  Like several other people
on the list I can think of lots of apps I would like to try with PICS.

Coincidentally, a project I am working on has some bearing. It is  on-line
education and training.  For ideas on how this can be done,
check out an organization called "Global Network Academy" or GNA
run by several Universityies at

In order to do something like this of course, we need knowledgeable
people willing to donate time. GNA runs both free and tuition based programs.
Perhaps a stipend could be arranged for the instructors? I'm not suggesting
the list use GNA and I'm not involved myself with the management of it.
It is just one model of on-line education I have come across.

What does everybody else think of this idea?

Any volunteers?

Arley Carter
|| Technology is great, when it works! ||

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