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PICList Thread
'PIC Code Library'
1994\06\10@203406 by tom

picon face
I'm setting up a code library for the PICs.

The way it will work is:

PIC users (YOU) send routines in by e-mail. I classify and index
If a user wants a routine to do X, they send e-mail specifying X and
the mailler here does the obvious.

If the said user improves the routine, or performs the function in a
different fashion, they improve the library by sending their version.
etc. etc.  I assume you get the picture. <g>

So, what can _you_ offer ?
We need routines of every complexity from basic in/out and timing
for brand new users upto whatever you can legally part with. :-)

SO, dig out the early stuff you did when you were first play^H^H^H^H
experimenting with the PICS and e-mail it ;-

Subject:        Pic-code

As an extension to this it would be nice to offer complete packages.
i.e. circuit diag. + board layout ready to produce a board to
go with the software.

So, if you include a circuit diag, I'll lay out the boards and we'll
find an ftp site to hold them.

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