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'PIC 16c73 ADC'
1996\05\24@042341 by Andy David

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currently I am developing an application for a pic 16c73, but we need the
beef that 20MHz provides... until last week we were able to develop and
tweak using the picmaster, but now we are running at 20 not 10 so I'm
debugging what I can at 'half speed' on the picmaster then blowing an
OTP for test. I've found that there are differences between the Vdd
supplies when using the picprobe 16F and the OTP, I've tried the
external power jumper settings, but I'm left with a little less than 0.2v
difference. This affects the performance of the ADC readings, but
it should be just a gain variance (ie, 0 = 0, and FF = Vref so the bottom
end doesn't drift, but each digital increment is a different number of
millivolts). I've also noticed that when using an OTP, there is sometimes
a zero offset (although I'm not sure if it's an offset or just missing
codes of 1 to 4). This isn't a problem per se (if I can understand the
differences, I can design with it in mind), and the dependence of the ADC
upon Vdd is documented in the databook... but is the ADC on the
PIC 16c73 sensitive to ground in the same way that it is sensitive to Vdd?

Pic sinks 2 amps and lives? if pic's could be blown up I'm sure I'd have
managed it by now... >grin<


- Andy.

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