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'PIC 16Cxx RC oscillator values'
1996\09\15@235239 by John & Maria Perry

I have an application that has no need for accuracy (+-50% would be fine,
but isn't needed :-), so I'd like to use the RC oscillator.  I don't have a
prototype to check empirically, and the manuals say "see the device
characterization sheets," which I can find neither in the manuals nor on the
web site.

How do I find the values without hardware to solder and test?

john perry

1996\09\16@165358 by myke predko

Hi John,

In the datasheets, look for "Typical RC Oscillator Frequency vs. Vdd"
Graphs.  Each PIC should have 3 or so of them (at least they do in the 1995
databook and PIC16C8X datasheet I downloaded from the Web Site) plotting the
frequency for different Rs and Cs as well as operating voltages.

As you've stated in your note, you're comfortable +/- 50% which is about
what I found that they are capable in terms of accuracy (I have typically
found them to be about 30% accurate).  This means that the RC oscillator
can't be used for anything that even requires moderate accuracy.

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1996\09\17@021143 by Karen L. Black

Dear Jerry,

Take a look at section 12 in the databook.  Figures 12-2 through 12-4
show oscillation frequencies for a given R, C, and Vdd.  A bit of
interpolation will give you an answer that's in the ballpark.

Good luck!
Karen Black
Blodgett, OR

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