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PICList Thread
1999\09\28@103620 by Craig Lee

How do I diddle the SRAM card contents
from the embedded side of things, and
have the PC see the files as DOS format.

Where does the FAT table go, etc...

I've looked everywhere for a spec, and
can't find any useful information.  I'd
be happy to buy a spec. if I could be
certain that the information I need is
there.  Any leads?

I've interfaced to a 1Mbyte SRAM card with
a 16C73 and some address latches.  What I
wish to do is put the data in the right
format so that existing software packages
can directly read the SRAM card when
inserted into the PCMCIA port.



1999\09\28@153732 by Mark Willis

I'd go about it the other way 'round;  Get a card stuck into a PCMCIA
port on a desktop or laptop, format it & stuff files onto it - then
figure out from that card (with those known files on it & your knowledge
of how DOS etc. do file structures), how Dos handles SRAM card file
info.  I'd guess it's treated just like a tiny IDE Hard Drive;  That's
the pattern I've seen from Flash cards, and a number of laptops can boot
from SRAM and/or Flash cards (IBM PC110, etc.)  Linux sources should be
good here, too... is a good place to look "For All Things PCMCIA",
of course;  Release 7.0 of the PC Card Standard may or may not have DOS
file structure info there for you.  I have a multitude of laptops here &
some PCMCIA SRAM cards as well, can help if you know what you want to
see from the laptop side of things.


Craig Lee wrote:
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