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PICList Thread
1997\05\29@090914 by Eric Martens

Hello Guys

I have a little problem, it is not the normal stuff for this mailing list
i'll try
to keep it as short as possible I have two very nice LCD's in my
possession, one 2
x 32 characters and one 4 x 32 characters. I'm designing an audio control
center and i want to use one of these two LCD's. Preferable the 4 x 32
characters. I'm using a PIC 16C62 to control the audio center. I'm first my
gathering al the datasheets of the components i'm using. But i don't have
the datasheets of the LCD's. I can't remember where i got the LCD's from
and there is no manufactures name on them. On the back of the 4 x 32 LCD
there are two numbers: M3214 and F1632 separated by a slash (/). I don't
now if this rings a bell with any of you ???

The only thing i know for sure is that both the LCD's use the same
controller or better said controllers. the 4 x 32 has 8 of them and the 2 x
32 has 4 of them. The Controller i'm talking about is the D7227G from NEC
in Japan. From the number of controllers on the LCD's and the shape of the
characters i conclude that it is a 16 character controller consisting of 16
x 5  kolom drivers and 8 row drivers (7 for the characters and one to
underline the characters).

Does anyone reconize these LCD's ? Do you know the processor ? I'm
interested in character tables, datasheets, end so on. Any help would be
much appriciated. I have tried it with NEC in Japan but like all other
japanese manufactures they don't reply to your questions if your not a bulk

I hope someone can help me otherwise i'll be forced to buy new LCD's and in
that size there not cheap !!!!

Greetings Eric Martens

*  Eric Martens           *
*  *

1997\05\29@104713 by Wayne Bennett

picon face
Can't really help that much but the M3214 sounds like a Seiko Instruments
model number.  I've just spent about two weeks on the net trying to find
data sheets on LCD modules and haven't had hugh amounts of luck, try farnell
you might get lucky.

The 4x32 display sounds similar to one a friend was using, I'll check with
him and get back as soon as I can, email be if you don't hear back in the
near future.

Sorry I could be more helpful.
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Wayne Bennett
Griffith University
Brisbane Australia

1997\05\30@054432 by Paykar Chamani

part 0 2051 bytes
There is an interesting web site to check :
I hope it will be helpful for you.

{Original Message removed}

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