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'PIC] Reading AN5 but getting AN2'
2008\07\06@223744 by Jinx

face picon face
> For some reason I read AN5 I get the value on AN2.
> As it turns out I was setting the GO and ADON bits at
> the same time. Don't do that!

Just flicking through AN546

to check something and saw, page 4

Additional tips:

a) Do not set bits GO/DONE and ADON in the
same instruction. First, turn the A/D is on by setting
bit ADON. Then allow at least 5us before
conversion begins (setting the GO/DONE bit),
longer if sampling time requirement is not met
within 5us

b) Aborting a conversion: A conversion can be
aborted by clearing bit GO/DONE. The A/D
converter will stop conversion and revert back to
sampling state

c) Using the ADRES register as a normal register:
The A/D only writes to the ADRES register at the
end of a conversion. Therefore, it is possible to
use the ADRES register as a normal file register
between conversions and when A/D is off

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