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PICList Thread
'PCMCIA Cards'
1996\09\12@140346 by Luis Fernandez

Hi "Dear fellow technicians" :-)

>> The message salutation was "Dear fellow technician", so I assume it
>> was sent to a bunch of us.

I'm still laughting after reading about this story. This is just an
indication of the huge audience this list keeps and shows that there are
many eyes in the world reading/learning about PICs and microcontrollers in
general. If this is for good of bad is something out of *our* scope....I'm
afraid ! :(

And now this is my question. Excuse the bandwith above:

Do you know of a *simple* way to let a PIC to access a PCMCIA modem card ?

I know there are special PCMCIA controller chips but my hope is that they
may be not neccesary if you are running just one card and you don't have to
connect it to an standard PC architecture nor keeping all the standard 100%

Any "Dear fellow PCMCIA technician" out there to help me ?

Luis Fernandez Cormenzana
RadioBit Sistemas, S.L.

Fax/Tel:+34-6-585 64 57

1996\09\12@221445 by eds

This is an old reference but it may help:

PCMCIA Admin. Office
1030B East Duane Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

               Bill - Chicago

Luis Fernandez wrote:
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