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'PCB prototypes'
2003\07\24@115205 by Brian Aase

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> Advanced Circuits (
> Similar specs but much larger (up to 85 sq-in, but no de-panelizing?),
> 5-day turnaround, and a minimum qty of 3 bds: $99.00 (plus shipping).

I have used Advanced Circuits many times and never had a problem.
For me, a major advantage is that they will drill any size hole (not just
a select few 'standard' sizes).  That makes it *much* easier to use
through-hole parts that require bizarre hole sizes to make a proper fit.
Yes, the $99 minimum is a bit steep but I guess you get what you
pay for.

I've also had good luck with Olimex and AP Circuits, when the board
design can fit within their guidelines.

Brian Aase

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2003\07\24@121438 by Picdude

One thing that bugs me about advanced circuits, is that they keep offering specials/deals, but don't want to honor them.  For example, I have a coupon for a free set of proto PCB's, which I got from one of their reps, but when I tried to use it, they seemed not be be aware of it, then said that it was expired, and seemed like they just made up a date of "end of last month".  There was/is no expiry date printed on it.  From the experiences posted on this list, quality is supposedly great, but they seem "gimmicky" to me.


On Thursday 24 July 2003 10:50, Brian Aase scribbled:
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