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'PCB method - flatbed plotters.'
1999\03\23@094907 by Lawrence Lile

I bought my flatbed on Ebay for $75.  I was able to do double sided boards
but it was hard to get them lined up just right.  I did a mixed
through-hole-surface mount board by this technique - placed a surface mount
PIC on the back of qa single sided board.  I really prefer photoetched
boards for surface mount though.

Mostly these days I make a gerber file, make a reverse plot on a laser
printer to a piece of clear mylar drafting film, and then directly photoetch
from there.  The flatbed plotter is gathering dust.

Flatbeds are also really nice for putting graphics on the component side of
a board.

If you get serious I'll mail out a FAQ about the right kind of pens and the
jerry-rigging and chewing-gum engineering needed to get them working for PC

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From: Ryan Pogge <spam_OUTpoggeTakeThisOuTspamSHORE.INTERCOM.NET>
Date: Tuesday, March 23, 1999 7:12 AM
Subject: Re: PCB method

hmm.... how much do you think I can get a flatbed plotter for?

>I've had some success using an old flat bed plotter and plotting
>directly onto the boards. Never tried double sided boards tho and there
>is no way that you will do sm boards with this technique.

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