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PICList Thread
'PCB design'
1995\12\24@051603 by adrian

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Anyone know where I could find a reasonably good PCB design (and schematic
capture) package on the net (i.e. free) ?

I only need to place a few components (it is a PIC design after all), and
want to save myself the hassle of writing my own.

PC or Arcemedes based.


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1995\12\24@083319 by Clyde Smith-Stubbs

> Anyone know where I could find a reasonably good PCB design (and schematic
> capture) package on the net (i.e. free) ?

try - their DOS PCB stuff is now freeware.

Merry Christmas!

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1995\12\24@143411 by Scott Stephens

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>Anyone know where I could find a reasonably good PCB design (and schematic
>capture) package on the net (i.e. free) ?

I have heard EasyTrax is easy to learn, but doesn't have an autorouter or
schematic capture.

I was using Circad, which has schematic capture, and an autorouter (in
version 3) the latest (v.5) is faster code, but does not. Both versions have
limited file size until you pay ($1000 or $300 for students). Very good demo
batch to demonstrate how to use it. It took me around 10 hours to get going.

I've been testing EED3 and EDWIN. EED3 is free, schematic capture & layout,
no autorouter, and seems similar to ORCAD (I played with ORCAD only
briefly)- lots of features, difficult to learn. But it is free and
uncrippled. EDWIN is a very nice program, and since its a Windows version of
EED3, can get you familiar with the database structure, editing components,
files, et. Its not free, has been crippled with a limited library, can't
save files, and can't load new library parts.
But I've found I can export and import files as EED3, or copy the .tmp file,
create my own library parts, and load schematic and layout symbols
seperatly, working around the disabled functions. I found it crashes often.
It has taken me a week to do anything usefull, but its very nice.

When I get rich and famous programming PIC's I'd get EDWIN :)

There are threads in and sci.electronics.cad on
this topic. The programms are at, SimTel/msdos/cad and
SimTel/msdos/windows/cad, and Circad 3 may still be available from the
Circuit Cellar BBS.

'PCB Design'
1996\11\16@084034 by Hank Gupton
 Please don't yell at me for this, but I have an idea.  I use a software
package called "Tango PCB" to do PCB designs outputting Gerber photoplot and
Excellon drill files.  If there is someone on the List who would like to
build something for fun, but finds the PCB Design to be a stumbling block, I
would like to offer to do the layout for you with the follow previsions:

 1) the board artwork is public domain.  (You don't intend to market it.
You just want one working copy of _your_ design.)

 2) I ask for no money for this, but I will request that you order one
extra board and send it to me (so I can hang it on my wall with the name of
the PCB manufacturer as an example of "their" work).  I have no intention of
building _your_ circuit.  But, I could if I wanted to.  Along with anyone
else on the List because the PCB artwork is Public Domain.  The software you
write for the PIC controller, however, is not.  And, if you want to sell
something, sell that.  It's your secret.

 3) I do this in the spirit of community.  Don't pressure me with deadlines.

 4) If you are not familiar with PCB specification, I will fill in the gaps.

 -- Hank

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'PCB Design'
2005\01\20@081311 by olin_piclist
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Alison Lewis wrote:
> Anyone have some suggestions for PCB design software
> or a company that will design it for me?

We design circuits, boards, firmware, and software for our customers.  Is
this a commercial product, or a one-off personal project.  Getting something
professionally designed costs 1000s of dollars, which is usually out of
reach for personal projects.

Embed Inc, embedded system specialists in Littleton Massachusetts
(978) 742-9014,

2005\01\20@112445 by Richard Benfield

A digital what !?
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2005\01\20@155002 by Antonis Iliopoulos

I am a student and I am using the Eagle freesoftware for easy designs.  It does the job!!!
If you want something more exotic I would go for CADSTAR, probably the best freeware on the web.


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