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'PCB Production - easy'
1997\05\02@201523 by sdavidson

Use apcircuits at

WEB Page:

You can download a free Easytrax PC Board design program, lay out a double
sided plated through board, FTP your gerber file and drill files to
apcircuits, then get the completed boards about a week later.  I got 6
3.5"x3.5" boards for around $100US.  A double sided plated-through board is a
much better board then a single sided board.  You get a stronger board with
better solder joints due to the plated-through, and you don't spend a couple
week-ends making your own single sided board.  Their Web site has all the info
you will need.


--- On Thu, 1 May 1997 15:34:38 +1000  Roger Melton <.....rmeltonKILLspamspam@spam@TPGI.COM.AU>
Hi everyone,
Does anybody know any good low volume PCB manufacturers in Australia,
preferably someone who doesn't mind a few one off's without charging the
Must do double sided and via's.
Thanks in advance,
Roger Melton                            xx         ^^^^^^^^^^^^<>^^^^^^^^^^^^
PO Box 701                             /  \
Tumut 2720 NSW                        O    0
Australia                          ____________

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Steven Davidson
Dept. of Comm.  NTIA-ITS.N2
325 Broadway
Boulder, CO  80303
W 303-497-3411  FAX 5995

1997\05\02@213332 by wft

To: Steve Davidson

The reason I make my own boards is that I can turn the board including
layout in about 2 hours.  The quality is not high.  It verifies my
designs before I spent $$$ on the final professional output from
Advanced Circuits ( a very good prototyping house)
try   (Denver, CO)

Gus Calabrese
WFT Electronics
Gus Calabrese      303 321-1119......voicemail
Lola Montes        1799 Uinta Street   Denver, CO 80220
EMERGENCY:   791 High Street     Estes Park, CO  80517
if no success with, try ....

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