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'PCB Production I do it myself'
1997\05\02@111614 by wft

I have a lot of fun creating PCBs in Protel, printing them on gel paper
(toner transfer system, available form DigiKey) applying them to PCB
material (double-sided) that I get for free (scraps) from a local PCB
vendor and etching them with ferric chloride.  All depends on how fast a
turn-around you want and what your time is worth to you.  I make my own
PCBs while designing for customers until the final version.

Gus Calabrese
WFT Electronics
Gus Calabrese      303 321-1119......voicemail
Lola Montes        1799 Uinta Street   Denver, CO 80220
EMERGENCY:   791 High Street     Estes Park, CO  80517
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