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PICList Thread
1998\01\23@152853 by Montaigne, Mike

       M.Montaigne ramblings about design software to Lawrence Lile:

> I am using Tango, the old DOS version and am presently attempting to
> learn Autocad for mechanical drawings.  Orcad (old DOS STD III) is my
> schematic
> package. Tango works well for me but there is no video driver (or any
> other)
> support and it hangs even more often, under Win95 than it did under
> DOS.  I would
> like to buy a new package but don't know what to buy, it is very
> expensive to make a mistake
> (5-10k) yearly support is also expensive, and learning curve is long -
> (maybe I'm getting old also).

     I bought Tango PRO and never really used it, The program makes you
     from a netlist, and I find I do a lot of my design at the PCB
board level and
     THEN go back and update my schematic.  (Am I just strange, or does
anyone else
     do this also?  The TANGO people sure were not very understanding
or sympathetic
     to my mode of operation.)

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       Does anyone have any comments/helpful suggestions? Mike

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