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'Oscillator problems'
1999\03\19@122408 by Niklas CarlŽn

Hi all!

Two oscillator questions:

Has anybody experienced problems using a ceramic resonator with built in
caps (4MHz) at low voltages (3.3V and PIC16LC63, or PIC16C63/JW)?

I tried to use the same clock to drive 8 PIC16C63/JW in this way:
Ceramic resonator with built in caps (4MHz) connected to the first PIC in
the usual way and the rest in a chain
All the PICs uses XT-mode. Sometimes it works, sometimes it don't.
Any experiences or pointers?


Niklas CarlŽn

1999\03\19@124324 by Gerhard Fiedler

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At 18:12 03/16/99 +0100, Niklas CarlŽn wrote:
>Has anybody experienced problems using a ceramic resonator with built in
>caps (4MHz) at low voltages (3.3V and PIC16LC63, or PIC16C63/JW)?

yes (w/ a 16c558). after some troubles getting it to oscillate, i just used
a crystal (didn't want to take any chances). so this just confirms that
there are problems, but i can't give any solutions, since i abandoned it soon.


1999\03\22@112821 by Harold Hallikainen

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On Tue, 16 Mar 1999 18:12:33 +0100 =?iso-8859-1?Q?Niklas_Carl=E9n?=
<spam_OUTniklas.krakauTakeThisOuTspamSWIPNET.SE> writes:
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       My experience with EVERY ceramic resonator EXCEPT muRata has been
bad (16c74a running at 16 MHz).  Each manufacturer I talked with said
that if it worked with their sample cmos inverter circuit, the resonator
was fine.  They were not going to make one to use with specific
microcontrollers.  MuRata, however, characterizes the resonators for use
with different controllers.  Go to their US web site (or wherever you
are), and follow their links to the site in Japan.  There they have a
script where you put in the part number on the controller and it comes
back with the resonator to use.  We've used a few thousand with no
problem.  Failure rates with other manufacturers were about 50%.
       I haven't tried cascading oscillators, as you suggest.  It might
or might not work.


Harold Hallikainen
Hallikainen & Friends, Inc.
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