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'Ok, this is the last time... I promise.'
1995\09\21@224611 by Andrew Warren

I don't believe it.. I somehow managed to screw up yet again.  The more
astute (or maybe just more critical) among you have already noticed
this, but in case you missed it...

The newly-posted "version 3" of my BCD-to-Binary converter is missing a
couple of characters; the "RLF TENS" (in about the sixth line of the
routine) should be an "RLF TENS,W".

The ",W" was in both previous versions; I don't know how I deleted it
from this one.

Anyway, this is the last public update I'll be making to the code...
Sorry (again) for wasting everyone's time with this stupid little


Andrew Warren -
Fast Forward Engineering, Vista, California

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