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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'FAQ fodder '
1994\05\31@183439 by jory

'The 10 pm problem, now 11:30 odd....'
1995\07\14@072313 by stephnss

'To Whom It May Concern (Todd?)'
1996\08\21@100735 by Kevin Krauel
'2 PIC's communicating via a modem with odd parity'
1996\08\23@041812 by Jim Main
1996\08\23@092057 by Mark K Sullivan
1996\08\27@040615 by Keith Dowsett

'16C554-04/P Oddness'
1996\11\15@122801 by Todd Peterson
1996\11\15@142221 by Jeff Brown

'Odd Problem'
1997\09\09@210005 by Herbert Graf
1997\09\10@032900 by Dave Reinagel
1997\09\11@115816 by ERIC SCHLAEPFER

'16C84 Erasing and Odd Program Modes'
1998\01\30@120511 by Al Williams

'16C84 Erasing and Odd Program Modes'
1998\02\01@155705 by wouter van ooijen
1998\02\01@194957 by Al Williams
1998\02\03@142535 by rtszib

'Odd PortA Pin Behaviour'
1998\06\29@165257 by Lewis H. Cobb
1998\06\29@190857 by David VanHorn
1998\06\29@200214 by TONY NIXON 54964
1998\06\29@211136 by Lewis H. Cobb
1998\06\29@223317 by Regulus Berdin
1998\06\30@133557 by Lewis H. Cobb

'Odd PCL behaviour on 16C84'
1998\10\12@041328 by Stuart Allen
1998\10\12@075203 by Valter Gruntar
1998\10\12@205005 by James Cameron
1998\10\13@072741 by Caisson
'Switch statements (was: Odd PCL behaviour on 16C84'
1998\10\13@105911 by Dave Johnson
1998\10\13@170654 by Clyde Smith-Stubbs
'Odd PCL behaviour on 16C84'
1998\10\13@200131 by Tony Nixon
'Switch statements (was: Odd PCL behaviour on 16C84'
1998\10\14@100750 by Caisson
1998\10\14@101744 by Francis.Dupont
1998\10\14@200219 by Regulus Berdin
1998\10\15@023427 by Francis.Dupont
'Odd PCL behaviour solved'
1998\10\16@082146 by Stuart Allen
'Relocateable jump table (was: Odd PCL behaviour so'
1998\10\17@090049 by Harri Suomalainen
'Odd PCL behaviour solved'
1998\10\19@064251 by Caisson
1998\10\19@073817 by Stuart Allen
'[OT] MC1723/LM723 Odd Problem'
1998\10\25@005311 by Sean Breheny
1998\10\25@062635 by Valter Gruntar
1998\10\25@095226 by Mike Keitz
1998\10\25@114007 by Thomas McGahee
1998\10\25@143159 by Sean Breheny
1998\10\25@170622 by Mike Keitz
1998\10\25@173110 by Sean Breheny
1998\10\25@175556 by Sten Dahlgren
1998\10\25@180426 by Mike Keitz
1998\10\25@191339 by Dwayne Reid
1998\10\26@125557 by Peter L. Peres
1998\10\26@173020 by Junk kontot

'fi directive in mpsim is behaving oddly.'
2000\02\17@092505 by Martin McCormick
'Odd RS232 problem.'
2000\02\24@091806 by andy howard
2000\02\24@095730 by Alan Pearce
2000\02\24@120909 by Andrew Kunz

'RMS oddity?'
2000\03\29@014726 by Lorick
2000\03\29@023250 by Michael Rigby-Jones
2000\03\29@025400 by Spehro Pefhany
2000\03\29@030842 by Lorick
2000\03\29@032601 by Lorick
2000\03\29@034918 by Spehro Pefhany
2000\03\29@042731 by Lorick
2000\03\29@050109 by Spehro Pefhany
2000\03\29@052227 by Brent Brown
'RMS oddity? - the answer! (I think)'
2000\03\29@054754 by Russell McMahon
2000\03\29@060127 by Lorick
2000\03\29@060954 by Michael Rigby-Jones
2000\03\29@062445 by Lorick
2000\03\29@074742 by Russell McMahon
2000\03\29@074750 by hgraf
2000\03\29@080537 by Scott Dattalo
2000\03\29@113129 by Thomas McGahee
2000\03\29@120536 by Spehro Pefhany
2000\03\29@132506 by Harold M Hallikainen
2000\03\29@132511 by Harold M Hallikainen
2000\03\29@132515 by Harold M Hallikainen
2000\03\29@165354 by Russell Reed
2000\03\29@183308 by Lorick
2000\03\29@184111 by Russell McMahon
2000\03\29@184508 by Lorick
2000\03\29@184927 by Lorick
2000\03\29@185340 by David VanHorn
2000\03\29@201518 by Brent Brown
2000\03\30@032632 by Alan B Pearce
2000\03\30@034322 by Lorick
2000\03\30@041052 by Alan B Pearce
2000\03\30@174715 by Djula Djarmati
2000\03\31@084238 by Scott Dattalo

'Todd is SPAMming us was[OT] To those looking for 7'
2000\04\19@134915 by Scott Dattalo
2000\04\19@135456 by Thomas C. Sefranek
2000\04\19@144735 by Joe Dudas
2000\04\19@152926 by Jerry Merrill
2000\04\19@165736 by Kieran Miller
2000\04\19@174411 by Grif\ w. keith griffith
2000\04\19@191439 by Nick Taylor
2000\04\19@194115 by Jerry Merrill
2000\04\19@194320 by James Michael Newton
2000\04\19@195414 by Spehro Pefhany
2000\04\19@200850 by Quitt, Walter
'[Admin] Re: Todd is SPAMming us was[OT] To those l'
2000\04\19@201926 by Nathan Hendler
'Todd is SPAMming us was[OT] To those looking for 7'
2000\04\20@074803 by Andrew Kunz
2000\04\20@081359 by Scott Dattalo
2000\04\20@081546 by andy howard
2000\04\20@082805 by Andrew Kunz
2000\04\20@083609 by Alan B Pearce
2000\04\20@084225 by artky1k
2000\04\20@084645 by Andrew Kunz
2000\04\20@085719 by Alan B Pearce
2000\04\20@090936 by Andrew Kunz
2000\04\20@092153 by Michael Rigby-Jones
2000\04\20@095409 by paulb
2000\04\20@100032 by Don McKenzie
2000\04\20@102838 by Joe Dowlen
2000\04\20@103310 by Joe Dowlen
'Re: Todd is SPAMming us was[OT] To those '
2000\04\20@131159 by Scott Dattalo
'[ADMIN][OT]Todd is SPAMming us'
2000\04\20@131408 by Barry King
'Todd is SPAMming us was[OT] To those looking for 7'
2000\04\20@133310 by jamesnewton
'Re: Todd is SPAMming us was[OT] To those '
2000\04\20@140908 by Andrew Kunz
'[ADMIN][OT]Todd is SPAMming us'
2000\04\20@141111 by Andrew Kunz
'Todd Peterson's Apology [OT]'
2000\04\20@145212 by Andrew Kunz
'Todd Peterson's Apology - NOT! [ADMIN][SPAM VOTE]'
2000\04\20@154134 by jamesnewton
'Todd Peterson's Apology [OT]'
2000\04\20@160803 by James Paul
'[OT] Todd is SPAMming us.'
2000\04\20@213131 by Graeme Zimmer
2000\04\21@024057 by Jim Robertson
'Todd is SPAMming us was[OT] To those looking for 7'
2000\04\21@030945 by Caisson
'[OT] Todd is SPAMming us.'
2000\04\21@050544 by Arthur
2000\04\21@092742 by Graeme Zimmer
'Todd is SPAMming us was[OT] To those looking for 7'
2000\04\21@221227 by Jeffrey D Spears
'[OT] Todd is SPAMming us.'
2000\04\23@001438 by Mike Werner
'MPLAB/MPSIM oddity'
2000\04\24@140335 by Djula Djarmati
2000\04\24@142757 by Octavio Nogueira
2000\04\24@145623 by picxpert
2000\04\24@210428 by Robert Rolf
2000\04\25@121504 by Scott Dattalo
'Todd is SPAMming us was[OT] To those looking for 7'
2000\04\30@084826 by briang

'MPLAB/MPSIM oddity'
2000\05\01@130921 by John
2000\05\01@134019 by Quitt, Walter

'[PIC]: RMS Oddity'
2000\09\15@064845 by -1?Q?Martin_Sch=E4fer?=
2000\09\15@101513 by Scott Dattalo

'[PICLIST] [EE] Odd LED suppliers.'
2000\12\29@070323 by Richard Malcolm-Smith
2000\12\29@112836 by mike

'[PICLIST] 12CE674-JW odd behavior?'
2001\06\01@130842 by Dale Botkin
2001\06\01@132336 by Mark Bishop
2001\06\01@133227 by Dan Michaels
2001\06\01@135042 by Quentin
2001\06\01@140936 by Dale Botkin
2001\06\01@142520 by Karl Seibert
2001\06\01@144156 by Bob Ammerman
2001\06\01@150816 by Dale Botkin
2001\06\01@151653 by Karl Seibert
2001\06\01@155655 by Dwayne Reid
2001\06\01@160404 by ael E Maj ACC/XPPI
2001\06\01@161207 by Dale Botkin
2001\06\01@170305 by Dwayne Reid
2001\06\02@050550 by Roman Black
2001\06\02@090750 by michael brown
2001\06\02@122349 by Dale Botkin
2001\06\02@132039 by Alexandre Domingos F. Souza

'[PIC]: MPLAB-ICD demo board oddity'
2001\09\07@234227 by Jeff DeMaagd
2001\09\08@020149 by Heinz Czychun
2001\09\08@100528 by Jeff DeMaagd
'[PIC]: MPLAB / ICD oddity'
2001\09\22@123632 by Jeff DeMaagd
2001\09\22@133610 by Jeff DeMaagd
2001\09\22@231044 by cision Electronic Solutions

'[PIC]: First program, very odd results...'
2001\11\16@210155 by Steve Ruse
2001\11\17@020429 by Heinz Czychun

'[OT]: Anyone see oddball GPS time glitches last ni'
2002\01\01@200121 by Dale Botkin
2002\01\01@202256 by John Brown
2002\01\01@215359 by John Ferrell
2002\01\01@220029 by Jim
2002\01\01@234534 by Alexandre Domingos F. Souza
2002\01\01@234739 by Brandon Fosdick
2002\01\01@235405 by steve b
2002\01\02@001210 by Dale Botkin
2002\01\02@002425 by Alexandre Domingos F. Souza
'[PIC]: Mplab oddities..'
2002\01\07@093107 by o-8859-1?Q?K=FCbek_Tony?=
2002\01\07@122252 by Dwayne Reid
2002\01\07@133000 by Herbert Graf
2002\01\08@045024 by Carlos Ojea
2002\01\08@045035 by o-8859-1?Q?K=FCbek_Tony?=

'[PIC]: Programming Oddity'
2002\02\04@003652 by parkiss
2002\02\04@173225 by Tony Nixon
'[PIC]: FOLLOW UP: Programming Oddity'
2002\02\05@195259 by parkiss

'[PIC]: Odd dual-ADC behaviour...'
2002\03\03@044822 by Pic Dude
2002\03\03@072829 by Dave Dilatush
2002\03\03@124918 by Drew Vassallo
2002\03\03@131905 by Dave Dilatush
2002\03\03@173637 by Pic Dude
2002\03\04@051512 by Pic Dude

'[OT]: Anyone see oddball GPS time glitches last ni'
2002\04\09@005325 by Rick C.
'[PICLIST] [OT] Oddball Units'
2002\04\27@065423 by Jinx
2002\04\27@082200 by cdb
2002\04\28@064159 by Jinx
2002\04\28@200436 by Russell McMahon
2002\04\29@034811 by Alan B. Pearce
2002\04\29@035640 by cdb
2002\04\29@043517 by Alan B. Pearce
2002\04\29@104107 by Alan Gorham
2002\04\29@104907 by Alan B. Pearce

'[PICLIST] [OT] Oddball Units'
2002\05\07@235347 by Jinx
2002\05\08@005818 by Michael Johnston
2002\05\08@011112 by Jinx
2002\05\08@125303 by Peter L. Peres

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