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'OTP erase, B/W Monitor X rays - ltuae'
1997\08\17@033305 by mikesmith_oz

On 17 Aug 97 at 10:49, Robert Lunn wrote:

> Andy Kunz wrote:
> > Also, I happen to believe that nuclear armaments are a wonderful lifesaver
> > due to the fact that they have prevented major war for the past 50 years.
>         <sigh>  How can you say such irrational things?
>         You cannot PROVE a NEGATIVE argument.

Its a tongue-in-cheek empirical *observation*.  If he said it'll stop
it for another fifty years... that would be crystal ball gazing.

>         If I take an aspirin and my headache goes away, the
>         observation of relief does not prove a relationship.  You
>         would need to conduct double blind experiments to establish
>         a statistical probability of a causal link.

I would think that including 50% placebos in packs on aspirin would
not prove popular with the public.  Bayer might like it as a cost
cutting solution though <g>

Does a double blind experiment in this study lead to a doubly
blinding headache? <bg>

>         It is not a 'fact' that the possession of nuclear arms by
>         various countries has prevented a major war.  It is a fact
>         that various countries possess nuclear arms.  It is a fact
>         that no major war has occured.  You cannot demonstrate a
>         relationship between these.

To extend this argument to its ultimate conclusion, postulate what
might happen if *all* countries possessed nuclear armaments, ranging
in scale from small, dirty terrorist style bombs to cruise
missile/ICBM.  How safe would you feel?

>         If you wish to hold, as an article of faith, that there is a
>         relationship, then that is fine.  But your original
>         statement is untenable.

Aaarrrghh!  the faith word again.

> > But that isn't politically correct on the bottom of the world, so here
> > comes another debate... <G>

Aaarrrghh! PC is a bug caught from the USA politik.  We're sick
of it!

>         <sigh>  How can you say such irrational things?
>         Andy, you are treading on VERY dangerous ground here.  You
>         seem to be confusing Australia and New Zealand.  If you

Are Kiwis PC Bob?

>         persist in this misrepresentation you photo WILL be posted
>         at all ports of entry.  Please remember that Ansell is an
>         Australian company.  ;)

Ansell, the company that make balloons and, um, 'lifestyle' products,
or Ansett, the plane company?  They both *might* be relevant, in
strangely different ways...

>         Of course, due to the fact that Americans are ignorant of
>         geography and of world affairs your confusion is to be
>         expected.

That sweeping statement should cop some flak.  I'll let the one's it
targets take care of that though.

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