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PICList Thread
'OT egy kerdes'
1998\07\24@084029 by Peter L. Peres

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On Fri, 24 Jul 1998, George Varga wrote:

> Kedves Imre
> Egy par levelben olvastam azt a szot, hogy DONGLE.
> Kerestem a szotarban de nincs, vagy legalabb is en nem talaltam meg.
> Mit jelent ez a szo ?
> Udvozlettel Gyuri

Ok, this is Hungarian, in case you did not know. Here is an approximate

I have read the word DONGLE in a few letters (emails).
I have looked it up in a dictionary, but it is not there, or at least I
haven't been able to find it.
What does this word mean ?

And here is my answer to this guy who has evidently misplaced Imre's email
address, in Hungarian ;):

Kedves George Varga,

legyen szives, es irjon Imrenek szemelyesen, mert a maga kerdese nem igen
erdekelheti a masik 2100 PICLIST alairtakat, leven a PIC-telen tartalma,
sot megsertheti oket ;)



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