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'OT PICs and jobs'
1998\05\11@120729 by Bill Cornutt

In a hasty and hot moment, Bill Cornutt, me, wrote

> "My dog's not in this fight."
> Therefor I should stay out of it.  That would be the smart thing to
> do.  That would be the safe thing to do.  So then why don't I do it?
> There are people who's mind is one level above pond scum.  And I
> hope everyone just ignores them.  Just as I will ignore someone
> who points out a spelling error (in a mean manner) made by a
> gentleman who can communicate in seven languages.

I then went back and seen the many fine replys that the above
poster has contributed to this list.  Therefor I humbly and
truly appoligize for the above remark.

Bill C.

1998\05\12@004945 by Dennis Plunkett

At 08:53 AM 11/05/98 PDT, you wrote:
{Quote hidden}

The sign of a true gentleman! Apology gratefully accepted, may faith in the
personages that use this PICLIST has been restored. I do hope that others
(Andy) do see and understand that I do agree with spelling and punctuation
being important (Mine is not the best, but I am attempting to improve it
each and everyday). I don't like the idea of being preached too about it by
someone whom can't. After all what do you thank about people whom are not
qualified telling you how to do something? Hence the remark "That's the pot
calling the kettle black"
The remarks of users not being native to English is quite correct and must
be adhered too. After all the use of this forum is to convey information and
ideas, and not to promoguate ill feelings or absolute correctness. I even
forget this, perhaps it is this sort of situation that we often need to
bring us back down to earth

Once again thanks


Dennis Plunkett: Embedded Hardware, Software design
NEC Australia DRMASS
Line Interface cards
TRX software
ISDN interface card
ph 03 9264-3867


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