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'OT: Why I Finally Closed My Ebay Account'
2008\11\01@141011 by Bob Axtell

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Over the years, Ebay was a place to get rid of excess inventory, and
occasionally buy pieces of reasonably-priced test equipment.
It was always a hassle, but it was tolerable up until about 2 years.

Two years ago, my wife's Paypal account (owned completely by Ebay) was
either hacked directly, hacked indirectly thru Ebay, or was
defrauded by incompetence. We never knew "how" it happened. It just
happened. One Friday in 2006, Paypal took $1450 directly out of our
CHECKING (not CC) account and held it for a week, until we assured
them that charges were being filed at Pima county sheriff's office for
Fraud against Paypal; at which time the $1450 was returned to our
checking account almost immediately, without explanation.

The only information gleaned from a Paypal employee was that it seems
that my wife had sold someone a camera for $1450 then failed to
deliver the item. Paypal never checked any information, simply took
the money. Because the facts were that my wife never sold a camera (in
fact had never sold ANYTHING on Ebay, ever before, to anyone, she is a
buyer of trinkets only).

I had a Paypal account as well, CC only, that I changed from a real CC
to a cash-center limited debit card, and continued to use EBay
by paying with Postal Money Orders, having no other problems.

On Oct 20, EBay got rid of all payment methods except Paypal. So that
is the end of the road for me, no more, thanks anyway.

--Bob A

2008\11\02@014901 by Richard Prosser

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2008/11/2 Bob Axtell <>:
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Is there a viable alternative to Ebay in the US ?? If not, why not,?
With Ebay making unreasonable demands  and Paypal getting a bad rep. I
would have thought the field was open for someone to set up in

Here in NZ the main equivelent is "TradeMe" and the money side of
things is up to the buyer & seller to sort out. They do offer an
escrow service but I don't think it's used much.
And they don't encourage overseas transactions either.


2008\11\02@062730 by Tamas Rudnai

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With eBay you can do the same, you can arrange a different pay method with
the seller, but eBay does not like it. For example if you have only PayPal
as a payment option, then you get some discount or some extra feature. The
problem is that eBay wanted to give a protection to buyers agains
freudalance sellers, but have no protection agains freudalance buyers... You
can set up some features like you do not want to sell to those that have
more than 2 no payment claims in the last X months but they could still say
that your item did not arrive or was damaged etc... hard to tell if that is
true or not and as they have too many issues they are sorting it out in the
quickest way... makeing big mistakes as with Bob's case.


On Sun, Nov 2, 2008 at 6:48 AM, Richard Prosser <> wrote:

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2008\11\02@095256 by jim

There is Craigslist here in the US.

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2008\11\02@141218 by Harold Hallikainen


> There is Craigslist here in the US.
> Jim

Craigslist seems to have no supervision and has a fair amount of fraud. I
put a couple used cars on there. I got a response from someone saying they
wanted one for their sister. They then said something like "Don't worry
about shipping, I'll take care of that." It seems that they had no idea
what they were buying. They gave a phone number that was in Chicago or
somewhere around there. I suspect it was a VoIP number that went to some
other country.

I finally sold the cars through the local newspaper.


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2008\11\02@150909 by BryanW


Has been around since ebay killed yahoo auctions. No fee's.

Bryan Whitehouse
Webdesign, New Media, Games Designer, Application Development

2008\11\02@230351 by Bob Axtell

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I will look at them again. I thought they only sold their own
merchandise (not your attic items) but maybe I didn't look
closely enough.

--Bob A

On Sun, Nov 2, 2008 at 1:08 PM, BryanW <> wrote:
> Has been around since ebay killed yahoo auctions. No fee's.
> --
> Bryan Whitehouse
> Webdesign, New Media, Games Designer, Application Development
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