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'OT: Help indentifying memory chips'
1998\10\26@115745 by Dan Larson

Hey folks, sorry for the OT, but I have some old cahce RAM chips
from a 386 MB of about 1992.  I could not find a hit for any of these
on the Chip Index.  I think some of these may be useful for future
PIC projects I may undertake.  Here Goes:

Data sheets, or at the very least, pinouts and timing would be very
nice for each of these.  ASCII art would be fine if someone has
a non-electronic copy they could extract the raw info from.


Intel P21256-08

I think it is Intel because of the large lower case "i"
logo.  Probably a x1 chip.  Good potential for serial
memory when used with shift register(s) for address?
16 pins.



Toshiba's web dataa sheet search turned up zilch.
I don't remember what these came out of...
22 pins.



Presumeably more cache chips.  28 pins.  Manufacturer's
logo is some kind of amalgamated looking "MHS".  The "S" looks
more like a backward "Z".  Must be a x8 due to pin count.

Thanks for the help!


1998\10\26@121633 by Dave VanHorn

> Intel P21256-08

DRAM, 256k x 1 bit 80 nS most likely. Good for tileing the bathroom if
you've got a lot of them, and a lot of patience.

> TOSHIBA TC55416-15H

Sounds like 15nS cache Sram. Those are easy to use.

> HM3-65764F-5

Matra-Harris part, sounds like more cache SRAM.

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