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'ON/OFF with push button keys'
1996\11\30@153723 by ahedin

Hi all,

I would like to design a circuit with just one push-button key as ON/OFF
switch. Clearly, i can send the controller to sleep mode, to turn it off,
or make it active through an interrupt generated from the ON/OFF key for
turning it ON.

Is there any other solution in order to prevent power consumption even
when CPU is asleep (OFF) ?

Best Regards

'ON/OFF with push button keys'
1996\12\02@011846 by Jan van der Watt
See AN606 in the 1995/1996 Embedded Controller Handbook Update 1.
NOTE : It DOES require more external circuitry.

At 09:36 PM 11/30/96 +0100, you wrote:
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Jan van der Watt
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