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'OFF TOPIC RE: Morality'
1997\08\28@122457 by Martin R. Green

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William Cops Westfield noted:

   Have you ever thought about that there might be different ways to
   this goal, and maybe even different goals denominated by this
   phrase "no profit"?

A lot of ecconomic theories assume that the total amount of wealth in
the world is constant.

If you can create things of value out of near nothingness (ie software,
silicon chips, advertising, art, etc), this is no longer true.  If you
want to allow wealth to be CREATED (which certainly seems like a good
idea to me), then somewhere someone has to make a profit as well.

The whole basis of the economic theory taught in Universities is dead
wrong.  they define economics as "the study of the distribution of scarce
resources".  As Bill noted, this is no longer a viable definition.

I highly recommend you read "Unlimited Wealth" by Paul Zane Pilzer (He's
the guy who told Congress the S&L companies were going to collapse several
years before it happened, and no-one listened).  This is an incredibly
clear, layman's explanation of why the whole premise of accepted economic
theory is messed up.

This book should be available in the business section of your local
bookstore, or directly from Zane Publishing.  Paul Pilzer was an economic
adviser for 3 of the last 4 US Presidents (he, like me, doesn't have a lot
of time for slick Willy).

BTW, just for the record, in case you couldn't tell, I am a raving economic
and social conservative, so don't contradict me or I'll bite the head off
your baby and line my pockets on the backs of the poor in your household.

Just kidding! (about the baby and lining my pockets, not about being a
raving conservative).

CIAO - Martin R. Green

PS. broke people can't help other broke people!  Every physical thing
(outside of natural stuff, of course) that you value in this world took
money to create it.

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