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'Not directly PIC related but....'
1997\06\25@105909 by Philip Restuccia

> >If you are referring to AtomTime by Bruce Adelsman, then it does indeed work
> > fine under
> >WinNT 4.0.  I have it myself.  You don't even need to be logged in as
> > Administrator
> >for it to successfully update the clock.  Very nice little utility, and it's
> > free to
> >boot.
> Exactly!  Glad to see there's somebody else out there.  You have a URL to
> get it?  I didn't - I got it from a friend.
> Andy


The latest doc I have with it is from February 11, 1997; it's from V1.4 of
AtomTime.  In that, Bruce notes that he changes Web servers fairly frequently
and that the best way to find him is via a Web search engine (like altavista
or hotbot), searching for "adelsman atomtime95".  But, his current (as of 2/97)
site was:


Hang on a sec, let me check ...

Yep, he's still there.  The latest AtomTime95 is v1.4b (107,026 bytes) named

       Philip Restuccia

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