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PICList Thread
'No more MIME, I hope!'
1997\07\30@184734 by Martin R. Green

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Would some of you who were having trouble reading my posts due to MS
Exchange inserting all kinds of MIME crap please reply to this post please?
I think I have licked the problem, let me know if it looks OK now.

Assuming this worked, and someone else out there is interested in knowing
how I did it, emmail me and I'll fill you in (it was NOT obvious or
straightforward).  Note this will only work if you have a personal ISP
account with your own POP3 or SMTP login, since I figured out how to use my
ISP email account for all outgoing INTERNET mail, and exchange for
everything else.

CIAO, and sorry for all the unreadable posts up till now.
Martin R. Green

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