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'No mail since PICLIST Digest - 17 Oct 1999 to 18 O'
1999\10\22@080639 by V sml

picon face

I have no mail from PICLIST since 17Oct/18Oct digest.  This is the
second time it is happening.  The last disruption was shorter.

I heard that there is a way to retrieve past digest.  Can someone
advise?Please remember to email me directly because I could receive
from the list.

I've also tried to set my subscription back to normal mode (by SET
PICLIST MAIL), but nothing change - still no mail from the list.


Ling SM

1999\10\22@083958 by fernteix


Please find
At least according to my bookmarks


-----Original Message-----
From: V sml <spam_OUTdecoderTakeThisOuTspamBIGFOOT.COM>
Date: Sexta-feira, 22 de Outubro de 1999 13:06
Subject: No mail since PICLIST Digest - 17 Oct 1999 to 18 Oct 1999

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1999\10\22@181843 by Mark Willis

Sometimes, on the Internet (being the way it is), mail doesn't get
through for a while - it does get through eventually.  (Situations
happen like your mail being handed off to a machine which then gets
disconnected due to some problem, be it "backhoe fade" or a hardware
crash, things usually get fixed up in a couple days.

(This is FAQ fodder, so I'm replying list-wide <G>)

I haven't done Digest mode on an L-Soft product, but I think
DIGests/INDex/NODIGests/NOINDex are a separate option from Mail/NOMail,
from a little research here.  Please try "Set PICList NoDigests", that
should set you back into "normal" non-digest mode.

Multiple ways to handle any type of List problems:

1)  Send the command "Query PICList", to the PICList List Server
'Command Input port' at <.....LISTSERVKILLspamspam.....MITVMA.MIT.EDU>, and forward the
resulting e-mail you receive in return, to an Admin. (That's me, for
now), with what's wrong;  This gives me more info.  Should get that
response quickly, so if no response in a half hour, let me know that you
tried.  If this happens, it's a router problem.  If you send such a
message & get a delivery error, though, I want to know as I need to
contact MIT or something (unlikely though.)  By sending "Info REFCard"
to that same address, you can get FULL info on commands you can send to
the PICList List Server, 19k last time I grabbed that <G>

2)  Unsubscribe from the PICList and subscribe again.  Yeah, I know,
it's a pain!  But sometimes the only way, seemingly, to fix some things
(Methinks L-Soft has a bug to stomp somewhere in the Options
setting/clearing code - for their credit, they seem to have most of them
pretty well squished!)  You'll have to then set your options again,
which is a pain.  I think (haven't tested yet) that you can put the
options all into one e-mail, too, i.e. Subscribe on the first line, Set
PICList Mail on the second, and even Set PICList Repro on the third {Now
the default}, Set PICList NoACK on the fourth {Again the default} if you
wanted.  (I don't mind people asking for help, either, especially when
they cannot unsub an old address due to an ISP change or ISP name
change, it takes me 3 seconds to unsub people, so just make sure you ask
me to unsub the CORRECT ADDRESS, lest I unsub the wrong one!)

3)  To get at old posts, either jump to
and read there, or, you can send the command "Index PICList" to the
PICList List Server 'Command Input port' at <EraseMELISTSERVspam_OUTspamTakeThisOuTMITVMA.MIT.EDU>,
which will get an index of old PICList messages for you.  I don't think
the list server keeps all messages ever posted, but it does keep some.
You can then order individual messages by using "GETPOST PicList Ref#1
Ref#2 ..." etc., where Ref#1 is a reference number in the Index you just

New news:  If you're moving to a new ISP, you can send in the command
"CHange PICList newemailaddress@newISP", to move your subscription.  I
hadn't seen THAT one before, I think this is due to the recent upgrade
of the L-Soft software.


V sml wrote:
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